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Warmly  Welcome to Our Photography Page...

Let me introduce myself and tell you who I am.

My name is Kristin Ayesha, I am originally from Latvia but I moved abroad almost 19 years ago and this is already my home Forever. I am Mum to 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and Little Princess who I welcomed in 2022 with my husband. I am an open and easy going person. I love meeting and talking to people, laughing heartily and listening to music. I am fascinated by positive people who can project love to others, who take pleasure in the little things that life offers. Photography plays a very important role in my life, it is the best way to capture such important and precious moments in life.

I never planned to be a professional photographer. Newborn and babies photography is my biggest passion. I am so grateful for any opportunity I can get from amazing parents!

I am qualified Newborn Photographer, I have taken part in many workshops, training courses to achieve better knowledge and practice, not only about art of photography, but mainly about the safety of your baby.

This type of photography, provides something very special and so precious to families. Especially, the first few weeks of a babies life is over so fast, the images will take you back in time, you will remember what your baby looked like, it brings you back your memories.

It would be an honour if I could get a chance to capture and share these beautiful moments of your life.

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